Symbolic product of TAKENAKA KANZUME
Amanohashidate Oil Sardines

Since our foundation in 1908, our flagship product Amanohashidate Oil Sardines (Sardines in Oil) have been made in the environment of Amanohashidate in Miyazu. Our “Amanohashidate Series” provides canned seafood in oil made from carefully selected ingredients such as oil sardines (Sardines in Oil), Japanese sandfish, deep-sea smelt (glassanodon semifasciatus), firefly squid, scallops, and oysters, each of which is carefully processed by hand. They are also ideal for salad, frying, and as a snack for alcoholic beverages. We hope you will enjoy them.

The natural flavors of the ingredients are preserved in our premium canned products, which can only be made by hand

They are already prepared and ready to be served as is

We continue our manufacturing in Tango and Miyazu in Kyoto

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